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Tuesday 12 September 2023

Sunflower Heaven

This post is all about late colour. And what a range of colour we still have. Summer has continued with baking hot days, delightful swims in the sea for 6 days running and birthday parties in the garden. And long may it last.

Monty Don said that Tithonia haven`t done so well this year but ours have been fine though they took a while to get going.


The sunflowers are amazing. Many have seeded themselves. We just let them do their own thing. You never know what you are going to get. But many I have grown from seed.

Some of these plants have about 50 heads on them.

I am worried about wind in the forecast and for that reason I try to deadhead to keep the weight down. But it is impossible to reach some of them (the polytunnel is 8 feet so you can work that out) 

Some are tall and some are small. But what ever size they are, they have been superb this year.

The green manure phacelia is about to flower. This can be dug back into the ground. Some rogue rapeseed is flowering even earlier.

Here is an early flower. 

Annuals are making a last minute show. I am still picking bunches of beautiful statice and bright helichrysum flowers .... all drying in the polytunnel. Some bunches are for sale on the craft stall, to cheer you up in the winter months. They hold their colour well.

This incredible rose is having a very welcome second showing.

Cooker and eating apples. When I am picking the apples I have to be careful not to tread on the guinea pigs which run free in the mini-orchard. They like to nibble on the fallen fruit.
I am pleased to report that the sedum plant I raised from a cutting has taken away really well.
The fabulous frogs are active in the rather over-grown pond. They plop into the depths as soon as they see my shadow. The secret is to creep up as low as possible.

If you are quiet and unseen you may catch a tantalising glimpse.


Happy happy days.

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