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Friday 19 April 2024

First Broad Beans

The greenhouses are overflowing. The coldframes are full. And I still do not trust the weather. I had to make a new tunnel on the veggie beds at home in order to accomodate the ever-increasing trays of bedding. Luckily I am just beginning to plant hardier things out, such as calendula, cornflowers and statice. And they are desperate to be planted.

These are cornflowers "Blue Ball."

I am still sowing seed such as basil, hollyhocks and home-saved schizanthus but mostly it is potting on. I have not yet come to the end of my supply of square pots but it is looming.

Today it has been sunflowers and French marigolds. I have also started to plant my dahlia tubers. Seven at the garden ... "Rawhide" and "Boogie Woogie."

 It is a patch on the raised bed alongside alstromeria, and marked out by canes.

And I have also planted my double row at home. I made a pretty basic mistake, by planting three shorter varieties amongst taller ones, having not checked. Goodness knows what the colour scheme will be!!!

It is important to know the heights of your plants in full growth. I sometimes write heights on the back of the label.

Here are some of my seedlings, waiting for attention or, more growth before pricking out.

Pink Ipomea
The minute petunias
Rudbeckia Gloriosa

And just in case I don`t have enough dahlias (!!!?) I have started taking cuttings from shoots. I found this very satisfying last year and the plants I gained this way, did very well. This year I have used paper pots which will mean no root disturbance. They are currently on the propagator.

 The tomatoes are coming along well. I have fed them today with a weak seaweed solution. I`ve potted on aubergines and peppers which improved overnight because of this.

And here is my bargain of the day. Ten beautiful petunia plants for £1.89 from Aldi. My brother managed to get me four packs. I`ve potted them all on. This lot was less that £8. 

What a bargain.

And finally our first broad beans from the polytunnel along with rhubarb for crumble. Yum yum.

















  1. Wow! It’s like your 2 months ahead of us and we’ve had a frost last night ☹️ How lovely to be harvesting already, I’m still living on parsley 😄

  2. Well it was cold last night. I took a chance and left stuff uncovered. It was all ok.