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Friday 5 July 2024

Bananas and Crushed Eggshells

The wind and rain are playing havoc with the gardens. Yesterday we used nearly a whole ball of string in our endeavors to save the likes of sweetpeas, sunflowers, cornflowers etc But I have left the hollyhocks to ride the storm. It would be impossible to find a stake tall enough let alone hammer it in.

I was initially disappointed to find this one was white but it looks stunning against the blue sky.

Likewise the apricot but look into its centre and see the pollen gathered there.

This pink is glorious.

I have sown a lot of saved seeds so there should be some interesting colours next year.

The garden was fabulous yesterday after some rain. I just wandered around before getting down to hedge-cutting. The hornbeam hedge was so much easier after our autumn chop. Now I can reach it all.

I spent part of my teabreak by the pond.....frogs and electric blue damsel flies.

 I have never seen the roses looking so good at the garden. Now they will be even better. I intend "feeding" them with bananas and crushed eggshells.


The first poppy heads are drying in the ground. The potential for seeds in this group is astounding,

Over the weekend, we saved the sweetpea "pick" until Tuesday so that we had a great choice for the local coffee morning.

 At the end of the morning they were sold off to raise more funds.

We have been indoors today because of the rain but there has been plenty to do.

Here are the first of 130 wands which we are preparing for the Fairy and Dinosaur day on 28th.

As you can see we have used long kebab sticks cleverly spotted by Anne in Sainsburys. My finger is blistered from cutting out 200 stars from foil!!











  1. The Hollyhocks are beautiful colours as are the sweet peas which I’m sure have a wonderful scent. All the best on the 28th 🧚🧚‍♀️