Monday, 16 August 2021

In the Summertime

It is indeed high summer, despite what I said last time. Today there were many people wandering through the gardens enjoying the tranquility of the whole farm. Some get tomatoes, some get sweetpeas and some get seeds for their own gardens. It was very interesting to hear where they come from and to listen to the most welcome, lovely comments, as I remained hidden behind the jungle of plants weeding the paths. I popped my head up now and again. I loved to hear the children saying goodbye to all the animals. 

There was a lot to bring home  .... potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, peppers and 16 beautiful verbena boniarensis plants which have all self-seeded in the path (now all potted up)

The photos today are a self-indulgence of the joy of summer. I hope you enjoy them. 



  1. Really beautiful pictures. I love the sunflowers with sweet peas.! I’m envious of your blue sky and red tomatoes!

  2. That sunflower seeded itself and I just left it. Good job I did as we lost a few in high winds. The home-sown ones have greater resilience.

  3. Thank you for the gorgeous sweet peas and seeds! A lovely reminder of a very happy holiday which will hopefully last into next year. We reallh enjoyed your beautiful garden and it was lovely to meet you too.

  4. How very kind. It was lovely to meet you too. The sweetpeas are still going strong which I can hardly believe.