Monday, 13 September 2021

Picking and Pottering

 Warm September afternoon. Shorts. T.shirts.

Bees. Butterflies. Buzzards overhead.

New campers arriving.

A pleasant visit to the garden. It looks lovely, with Michaelmus daisies coming into full flower, rudbeckia giving strong contrast

 ..... and sunflowers reaching up to blue skies.

I did do a bit of strimming which left the smell of newly cut grass. I picked straw flowers, statice and sunflowers.

This variety is called Mammoth and I will most definitely grow it again. The stems are long, the fragrance is divine and they are still flowering in mid-September.

Steve picked tomatoes, peppers, carrots and beans.

I wandered around deadheading here, collecting seeds there and absorbing every minute so that I can remember during the winter months.

The butterflies were flitting everywhere and loving verbena boniarensis..

 I have a new name for the barn path. It is now called "Foxglove Alley." I am so tempted to leave all the foxglove seedlings just to see what happens. What a sight it will be.

It should be an access path ha ha. The ferns I planted here are flourishing as well, under the barn eaves. I will try to keep nettles out.

After the recent rain I did get one path clear leading to the compost heaps. I got stung to pieces by nettles.

When it is cooler we will begin to dig out those heaps with easier access.

Long may this warm spell continue.


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