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Thursday, 3 February 2022

Introducing Basil Ashbottom

 A warm welcome to February.

I thoroughly enjoyed January with its warm days in the polytunnel, scarecrow activity and huge piles of chippings.

That pile has now gone and every path is covered. And a brilliant time of the year to do it.

Some of my latest crafts ....

...... this is Basil Ashbottom, here to help look after the garden.


I have pieced together the first of the WI blankets and I am just about half way through. It took me ages to work out a pattern. I will post another picture when it is complete.

On Wednesday I was given another 36 squares which are huge so I have my work cut out.

Here are the t.shirt teds ... very bright and cheerful. So easy and satisfying to make. Recycling at its best. I love making them.


These hedgehogs are made using all my scraps of wool so again very satisfying.

Amongst the charity bags I helped my brother to sort, was an old duvet with music so I kept it and made bunting.

It will be going to his musical friend.


These pompom flower wands were an experiment. I was quite pleased with the outcome. They look like icecreams in a vase.

As you can see a lot of recycling going on.

My creative juices are inspired by the usual sorting out at this time of the year.

There are lots more ideas in the pipeline!!


  1. Coo! You have been busy! I like Basil and the musical bunting will be very much appreciated I'm sure. The teddies look so happy and colourful, they're great fun.

  2. Well the first suggestion was Norman but I wasn't keen on that. Ha ha