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Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Can the Buttercups Stay?

My first very welcome experience at the garden today was a peacock butterfly flitting round a newly opened red tulip. I didn`t manage to capture the butterfly but enjoyed seeing it.

It was a day to be out and about.

Tim and Anne were busy putting up the Owl Yurt and trundled by in the workmax, loaded with tools.

I found the next flower bed too claggy to work on ....

.... wish me luck. It is full of buttercups. Part of me wants the buttercups to stay.

I moved onto the veggie beds where Steve had already planted broad beans. The soil was breaking down nicely as I weeded. This part of the garden is in sun full-time. 

These beds are almost all ready for planting up. Still covered over, are the broccoli plants. We have just eaten some in a cheese sauce ..... delicious.

I decided where my sweetpea row will go. Next time I will get the posts and canes in.


Thrilled to see damson and quince blossom coming out. Let`s hope there are no late frosts.

When Anne came to the garden, she checked on the tortoise and he was awake. He is the one who buried himself in the tortoise run. Here he is.
We discussed a new idea.

Watch this space.



  1. Aah, it's all happening isn't it! We're still frosty in the mornings. I've seen lots of bumblbees but no butterflies yet

  2. Well we have woken to a duller day with showers today. Its all go in the greenhouses.