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Saturday, 2 April 2022

Snowstorms and Bluebell Fairies

April has begun in a very strange way. On 1st. we woke to a snowstorm and lay in bed watching huge snowflakes swirling by. Which is all a bit weird, seeing as last week we sat outside for breakfast and were using suntan lotion.

Today has been very sunny but cold. The woods are looking so beautiful.


There`s not much of a theme to my latest crafts so its a bit of an odd collection.

Sometimes my items are dictated by fabrics and materials I am sorting through. Sometimes they are dictated by the seasons or something I have seen.

In our nearby woods, the bluebells are just beginning to show their bells. And somebody gave me a cone of very pretty glittery wool. So I was inspired to make bluebell fairies.

 I have found a new way to make wings. I often use lei lei flowers for fairy dresses but this time I spread the 5 petalled flowers on a plastic lid, painted them with pva glue, allowed them to dry and then cut away one petal to make a butterfly shape. I drew on veins with a gold pen. The pva gave them a bit of a more substantial feel.

These three are dancing through the fairy garden.

Steve has been making toadstools from our old apple tree branches. They are going in the gnome home. I love them.

The tiny mice are always popular with the children. I love using tiny scraps to make them. A good stash buster.

Recently I cut up some tray cloths embroidered by me on various Greek holidays. I made bunting with them. I decided to recycle the cotton lace.

I used it to decorate these lavender bags. They have a strip of patchwork in between.

And finally a crochet donkey.

For the last few nights everything has been covered in both greenhouses .... with fleece and net curtains. The tomato plants which had seemed to have come to a standstill, loved the extra warmth provided by said fleece and plastic propagator lids. Now they have really taken away. All in all I think the growing season is a little behind last year.
Sure it will soon catch up.

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  1. That’s a great photo of the snow - crazy weather, but that’s April I suppose!
    Lots of lovely crafted items. The dancing fairies are cute and the mushrooms are lovely.