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Thursday, 5 May 2022

Dinosaur Gardens and Rogue Sunflowers

We have had some rain .... hooray. Perfect for planting out. So the last time we went to the garden, we were laden with trays of plants. The most important of these were the tomato plants.

We set to and cleared the last bits and pieces from the middle polytunnel beds and Steve soon had them in.








 Elsewhere in the polytunnel there is the usual amazing borage flowering its heart out.









The pot luck dahlias have fantastic self-seeded sunflowers in them.


I put in more helichrysum ....

.... and white cosmos.
The wide path which I am reluctant to spend any more time weeding, is doing its own thing. I am just removing nettles. I look forward to seeing how it will develop.

The transplanted rhubarb is doing very well.

My nephew has given us this huge garden seat. It is a lovely addition to the garden.

The cherry is in full bloom.

And this deep pink comfrey is attracting bees already.

My sister arranged the bag of dinosaurs from Henry in the new dinosaur garden.

And here are my new ankle wellies. The last ones didn`t last long as the sole parted from the top. I hope these last longer


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  1. Wow! You're way ahead of us. So happy to have had some rain, but it's not wetting the ground much. Love the boots