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Monday, 13 June 2022

Gunnera going Great Guns

How beautiful is the month of June in our gardens. The growth is pristine and prolific. Everything is bursting forth.


We have been leaving the grass quite long in some areas and loving it. 

The toadstool logs and the new cable drum table are disappearing.

Behind the pond I have blocked off the path. The mimulus has taken over one area. In the foreground you can see that the gunnera is doing very well.

Round the pond the grass is long too, which should encourage more wildlife.

The long path has disappeared in a dazzle of daisies.  

A lot of my time has been spent low-down, cutting edges. What a brilliant viewpoint this is. I like to get up close and personal to the plants.


I`ve been tying sweetpeas, staking alstromeria and Paula and I have been planting the Mexican sunflower tithonia, only because space has been created by lifting some garlic!!

What a sight I hope they will be.

Steve planted some French beans.

We have a colourful space for teabreaks though it was a little hot in the sun today.

And things are coming on nicely in the polytunnel where the temperatures are a little uncomfortable for humans.

And I am pleased to say that almost everything has been planted at long last.


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  1. The first line of my latest post is very similar to yours. It really is a beautiful month, especially with that perfect blue sky. Gorgeous colours!