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Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Rainbow Unicorns and Magic Wands

The Fairy days were very warm. Thank goodness Anne had created welcoming shade. We even took our own gazebo.

We had my nephew Frazer with us and he was very happy in the shade with his projects.

There were lots of campers around enjoying the trail and the garden with all the activities. We had lots of interesting gardening conversations with parents as the children made fairy gardens and decorated wands.

The children were provided with trays of sand and could use a variety of decorations .... strawflowers, shells, lollysticks, glass pebbles. 

They were very inventive.

Before the children began the trail they could choose a wand and on the way round, make their fairy promise to activate the magic. The next activity was to decorate the wands in an individual way with glitter, stickers and ribbon and braid. 

 This area was arranged under a gazebo with hay bales for seating.

It was very warm indeed and luckily the garden looked pretty good. However since this weekend the grass has gone yellow and many plants are dying prematurely, so we were lucky with our date choices.

And I always believed that the white pony was a unicorn.



  1. The pony has one of my crichet flower headbands on. Ha ha