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Tuesday 17 October 2023

Spooky Craft and Colourful Cosmos

 One week ago we were in shorts and vest tops. This week I am seriously considering a warmer vest and the fire has been lit in the evenings.

We have had our first frost. Dahlia leaves are partially blackened. Things are beginning to look tatty. But there is still so much colour.

The cosmos are startling in the autumn sunshine.




Harvesting continues with the most incredible peppers I have ever grown.

We've picked the Fiesta apples and the quince.

This evening we have had pumpkin and tomato soup .... a strange combination but it worked.
And plenty more to share with the children in the family.

In the greenhouse we also have chillies and beans drying off.

This is Twinings Smartie .... an interesting photo in that it has reverted to both parents on the same plant.

With Hallowe'en fast approaching I have turned to some seasonal crafting.

Today we began a new insect hotel in our own garden. 
More later.


  1. Great peppers! I want to grow little ones (but not hot) next year - bell peppers take too long to arrive but those long ones are my favourites

  2. The peppers have been wonderful, and to think I was going to compost the plants. It has made me realise that they do best in the ground. Next year our ones at home will be in the greenhouse bed. Stuffed peppers for dinner tonight.