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Saturday 7 October 2023


 I felt wicked yesterday when I deprived the bumblebees of a nectar source but I just had to get on and plant up some of the wallflowers. This meant clearing the tatty plants of the tithonia even though the flowers were still blooming about 8 feet up. Why have they grown so tall this year?

They have made a very welcome splash of colour in a vase at home.

The wallflowers are good plants but they are looking a little sorry for themselves. I did pinch out the tops and I may stake them later. The ground is sooo dry. At the back I`ve put a row of hollyhocks.


Our teabreak view is completely different.


The last two scarecrows came in. One will last another year. She looks quite happy.


But one is needing a new head for next year. 

The fading is quite remarkable.


They will be spending their winter in the polytunnel which is looking very colourful. Many of the fairies are indoors now and hanging out amongst the bunches of drying statice.


The phacelia is fully open ....


......and even annual poppies are making a come-back.


Steve was busy emptying the first compost heap and then he began to move the next lot over. All hard work. I used some of our lovely home-made compost on the wallflower bed.

The weather is amazing. We are still in shorts and slapping on the suntan lotion. Even so, autumn jobs have to be done.


  1. Tithonia - I’ve written that down. Fabulous colour. I thought they were dahlia flowers.
    Your fairies and drying flowers look so pretty!

  2. Monty Don mentioned it last week. He said they had grown so tall this year and no idea why.