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Saturday 17 February 2024

Blue Sheep, Bunnies and Bunting

Well here we are more than halfway through February, with Valentine`s Day under our belts, literally.

It was a wet, miserable day and having exchanged cards and books, I decided we needed an extra treat .... what better than fresh almond biscuits, with our afternoon teabreak, still warm from the oven.
I have been busy using a lot of the crafty bits posted on a previous entry. The boxes are somewhat depleted through my crafting endeavors. And I am not finished yet.
I used a very spring mix of coloured fabrics for Easter bunting.
I had a roll of yellow gingham ribbon which was perfect for the bias strip but I have hardly made a dent in the roll.

I can`t wait to use some of this in my Easter displays.
I`ve had some very soft blue baby wool for some time and thought it was time to use it up.
I`m not sure the concept of blue sheep works so well but 
hey ho, here they are. I think they look a little peculiar.

These Easter owls are made from tapestry wool, given to me many years ago. I`ve chosen the wools to match and complement each other.

And these Easter chicks were made with scraps of wool and ends of balls, keeping to the colour theme.
I use a set of pompom makers which means a lot can be made very quickly.
Who remembers cutting circles from Cornflakes boxes and spending whole winter afternoons making one pompom?
There was always a lot of excitiement and a certain amount of trepidation as you cut into it, because they sometimes fell apart before you could tie the wool round.
I still get that feeling  now and love making multi-coloured ones.
I had some bobbly wool to use up as I don`t
 like to knit or crochet with it.
I made larger bunnies. I used a stiffer felt sheet for the ears and purchased pompoms for the features. The eyes are also tiny pompoms, as it can be quite difficult to set bead eyes in pompoms securely.

And there are the inevitable fairies. Again I used the stiffer felt sheets for them. So easy to cut out. And can be sewn by machine. These are mostly hand-sewn.
And an odd little assortment of experiments, some work, some don`t. But it`s fun trying.

This year the crochet eggs are in multi-coloured wool.

And on one day this week, with the first butterfly and numerous bumble bees spotted, with the propagator set up and the sun shining, I did find the urge to begin the seed planting very soon.

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  1. Certainly an Easter themed post and, dare I say, even your blue sheep seem to be a bit Easter egg/bunny features! I’m sure the children and visitors will love seeing all your crafts.
    The weather has been too grey to feel Spring-like today, even though it was quite warm