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Sunday 4 February 2024

Keeping Warm and Keeping Fit

Lots of  things to be excited about, though maybe some people may not agree!!!

Tim has brought us a fabulous load of well-rotted horse manure.

It is easy to lift and great for spreading even though we have had to remove a few nettle roots. It`s full of worms. We`ve got loads spread already.

And as we drove into the main yard we espied a huge new pile of bark chippings.

Oh my cup brimmeth over.


And its a great time of the year to do all this barrowing, keeping warm, keeping fit and feeling satisfied.

Today Steve did part of the polytunnel .....

..... I did the rhubarb and part of the fruit net which needs a little more weeding.


We have made a start on the veggie beds and begun the annual decisions about what is going where.

I have nearly completed the first flowerbed.

The second one is waiting!! It is a challenge.

So much moss. A good mulch of manure will help. Firstly I need to remove a great deal of the over-powering Michaelmus daisy.

Elsewhere around the garden, the winter honeysuckle smells sweet. 

The broad beans in the polytunnel are doing well.

And finally
Steve discovered a nest of mice under carpeting. They soon scurried off.

Altogether a great start to February.






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