Friday, 19 February 2021

Bunting from Baby Clothes

I have a great-nephew called Henry who is  4 and my latest project involves his baby clothes. His mum, Hayley gave me a lovely colourful pile.

This blog entry shows how I used them to make bunting.


1. I usually process the clothes by cutting off all seams, hems and gussets. This leaves me with useful pieces.

2. I press the pieces and using a card triangle, I draw round and cut out. To save time I cut them out doubled up.

Another tip especially when using jersey fabric ..... I sandwich a cotton piece in as well. This gives the flag a more substantial feel and makes it easier to sew. 

3. I sew round the triple thickness wrong side out with a white one on top.

4. I trim the tip of each triangle otherwise they won`t turn very well.

5. I turn them inside out with the white one inside, pin and baste.


6. I press them with a damp cloth, remove the basting thread and trim the top of ragged edges.

7. Next I pin them to some bright webbing. This yellow came from a boot fair. Note that I have left enough to fold over the rough edges.

8. Sew right along from one end to the other taking care to ease the machine over the different thicknesses.

9. Next I pin the webbing over the rough edges and machine in place. Even this will need easing through.


10. Press the webbing and voila .... complete.


This is a lovely way for mums and dads to remember favourite outfits and the bunting can be brought out for special occasions.


I can`t wait for Henry to have his bunting though when that will be remains to be seen.


  1. Bunting is so cheerful. What’s the basting for?

  2. It makes sure the seams are flat before damp pressing.