Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Freezing February and Cosy Crafts

There is a light layer of snow on the ground and I am sitting watching many garden birds at the feeders, stocking up on energy to get them through these cold nights .... peanuts, fat balls and logs full of lard.

There are blue tits, great tits, robins, blackbirds, a beautiful thrush, long tailed tits, dunnocks, nuthatches and wood pigeons.

I`ve been unsuccessfully trying to get good pictures.

We do get wrens in the garden and with that in mind I have been experimenting with crochet wren pods.

 Having put one outside for a trial run, it was soon sodden with the perpetual rain we`ve had. Now they have been water-proofed and for good measure I`ve cut a plastic bottle to fit over the top. I`ve heard that wrens can sometimes squash in with each other. I`m not sure how you would know it had been used though. 

The work on the new greenhouse has been called to a halt. The frame is up at least. I was just beginning to get excited.

So its lots of cosy indoor crafts.

I have completed the latest dressing gown. The knitted squares are made by villagers and I crochet them together (along with others)

The first stage is to lay them out on the floor and check no two colours are the same, next to each other.
Then I pin lightly together and number the strips. 
Then the whole thing comes together, with a double row of crochet all round.
It takes about two to three days.

And thinking ahead a few stone ladybirds on the go.

My own pastel blanket is coming along slowly. I just knit squares when I have a spare moment. Note my lovely new soft grey craft carrier from Paula. I love it.

I had a lovely order from Hobbycraft arrive in the week with some exciting new wool colours.

And there seems to be a teddy bear theme going on. I call them t.shirt teddies because they are made of old t.shirts or jersey fabric. My nephew Fletcher asked for a camouflage teddy and here they are, plus a couple of camouflage scarves made from spare fabric.

I have also been making cards from photos taken at Freshwinds Garden. You may have seen the photos on this blog.

Another job which is waiting ... flower garlands to cut up ready to make more fairies.
The sun is shining and yes its cold but in another hour or so I will be off for my Covid jab .... hooray.

I am writing on my new computer which makes things a lot easier than struggling with the mobile.

Hope everyone is finding plenty to do in this lock-down and hopefully you are getting the jab if you are so far, eligible.

Happy February.



  1. What a bright and cheery post! I hope the wrens like their pods, especially now they’re protected from the damp

  2. Glad you could read it. It was all goggledy gook when I checked it. Luke helped me sort it.

  3. Hey Jen - as always you've kept yourself busy! Love those wren pods - what a great idea! So glad you've had your jab, did Steve get his?xx