Monday, 1 February 2021

February Surprises

 Not a great deal of gardening going on lately, but Steve was starting on the new greenhouse so I went out for a while.

I decided to tidy around the snowdrops .... their droopy heads covered in raindrops.

I was thinking mmmm not much going on out here but then I began to have a closer look.

I noticed the incredible shoots on the clematis.

I noticed the waterdrop orbs on this beautiful moss.

The first raggedy camellias.

My fingers were frozen from useless gardening gloves. I wish they would make some with rubber right round the fingers.

Then I helped  to hold greenhouse pieces together and my hands got even colder.

Helleborus and pulmonaria were complimenting each other.

I weeded the spinach and rocket which are holding their own in all the cold weather.

And we still have massive parsnip to use.
I was very excited to see all the chrysanthemum shoots. I can't wait to take cuttings.
The catalogues are plopping on the doormat.
On the next wet afternoon I will light the fire early and browse to my heart's content.


  1. Aah, a bit of colour - isn't that nice! And the moss is great in close-up.

  2. Yes I was astonished at how beautiful it was.