Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Cosy Cuddles and Tortoise Runs

The garden is looking pretty good with many beds ready for the vegetable planting. We are much further on than usual and I put this down to the lovely weather we had in February. The ground is raking down to a fine tilth. Steve has planted onions, parsnips, beetroot and carrots. Every time we go, I take a large tray of plants to get in, mostly perenniels.

 The tiny orchard is budding up nicely with a bit more room, as we removed one unproductive apple tree last autumn. The ground underneath the trees is very rough and uneven. I am wondering how to smooth it over. Perhaps an old-fashioned garden roller.

 I have strimmed the longest clumps of grass, all the edges are trimmed, though some bed edges could do with another cut.

 The ladybirds are all spruced up and perched around the garden ready to be "spotted." There is only one bee left.

 Anne has been busy creating a new run for the tortoises. Anyone who thinks this is the wrong word to describe a tortoise home, should watch them as they try to escape. Not so slow as you would imagine. They are still in hibernation but should be waking up very soon.

 The sky was so very blue, the clouds fluffy and the sun so warm. We sat outside for our teabreak. What a delightful day to be at the garden.

I spent some time creating the fairy cave the other day. This proved popular with the children last year, when they were eventually allowed to come.

I have a new idea for this corner area. It is still forming in my mind but watch this space. It involves gnomes or possibly elves
We lost one of the bunnies but these two are having a cosy cuddle in warm sunshine.

The frogs are active and Anne has spotted a newt. I have planted a honeysuckle at the back of the pond. The water is clear here, but yesterday it was cloudy and we wondered whether we have had some ducks stirring up the sediment.


A lovely visit getting to grips with the last rather claggy flower bed and more soil preparation.


  1. It looks amazing, just waiting...waiting...

  2. I know and doubly exciting as we come out of lock-down, even if its only for a few weeks.