Monday, 29 March 2021

What did I do on this Momentous Day?

 This was a momentous day for families, as we begin to ease out of lock-down. I am excited about our plans for the week

We began our day with tai chi which set us up nicely. I decided to record the day in photographs so here they are.

The weather was lovely for a start.

I had a warm start in the greenhouse pricking out aubergines, French marigolds and sowing the next seeds.
Next I put the red and green lettuces into the new nursery bed. They are covered over for the night

I planted up the two yellow trucks with sedum in a very well draining soil mix. Steve had drilled holes in base. They will be going in the tortoise run.

Over a teabreak I read the latest Fothergills catalogue which was very interesting ..... and I wired kebab sticks into the gnomes so that they will stand in their new gnome home.
 And I completed a large square for WI.
After lunch I made our own gnome home under the apple tree in shade. I added a wild primrose (they seed themselves all over our garden) and some helxine.

I planted a beautiful purple clematis at the back of a raised bed without snapping any of the new shoots. It has been transferred.
I cleared all the plants in pots from the top of the raised bed, removed all the carpet and forked over the second dahlia bed.

I checked on my sweetpeas ....

..... and other seeds, as I watered.
I planted up three pots of erigeron.

And spotted four butterflies ... two brimstones and a peacock, not sure of the fourth.
A final look at the fritilliaries.
And a glass of wine in the garden room.
Oh and I did see my sister this morning and Steve completed the paving round my new greenhouse.

Happy productive days.


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  1. A very productive day! The sedum trucks are fun. And the cute gnomes of course.