Saturday, 27 March 2021

Mabel`s Make-over

 Quite honestly I do not know if this is the original Mabel because each scarecrow has been reincarnated several times.

Luckily this time she did not need a new head or hair and even the basic body was OK with a bit of a boob job (extra stuffing)

But she was in dire need of new clothes .... like most of us ..... if only to boost egos.

I found an old brightly coloured skirt of mine and a diaphanous sundress, a bit of stuffing in the old scarf turned inside out and a new hat and voila ....
....then we found her a spot for the summer.

Paula and I walked to the fairy willow tree area to see what needs sprucing up.

A branch had cracked away from the ancient willow but is still attached. 

I realised that I had not ventured there last year at all. The little path leading in, is delightful and different than before.

We looked at nooks and crannies for fairies and discussed some new ideas.


Other ideas for the gnome home are in the first stages of creation and I will post here when they are finished.



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