Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Chilli Strings and Compost Heaps

In the blink of an eye, October will be gone. Mild, some rain but plenty of sunshine. Still wearing t.shirts for gardening. Still plenty of colour.

Today I could not bear to throw away the busy lizzies.

I think they will continue to flower until colder nights which are expected next week.

Dahlias are a wonder. Just look at these still going strong.


The Michaelmus daisies are finished. We cleared the paths and the bed. It was hard work. The roots, though shallow, were entwined with
the rabbit wire and most had to be cut away. It was clear for our sausage sizzle on Monday.

The garlic was planted here.

The fourth compost heap has been constructed.
It has been desperately needed.

Today I have been stringing our chillis. I think they will dry better like this. They are hanging in our airing cupboard.
I may try grinding some to chilli powder this year.

Today I emptied our old sink trough, coated with a mix of compost and cement. We`ve had it for years but it has become rather tatty. We bought a new one and planted it up. it is now in its final position.

The osteospurnums are now inside, still flowering profusely. I will not be taking cuttings this autumn but will try some in spring. They tend to be brittle and so I have put 4 short canes in the pots and strung around to hold them in place.
Autumn jobs are well under way. The weather is a bonus.


  1. Sunshine sounds nice, we haven't had any for a while.
    Your chillis look great, I wish I liked them but I'm too much of a wimp for hot chilli flavours. The dahlia have been stunning this year, those spiky ones are a lovely colour for this time of year.

  2. We sometimes put a small amount of chilli in our soups. Very warming.