Thursday, 11 November 2021

November Surprises

Our lane has been closed off for 5 days so we walked to the garden on Tuesday. Unfortunately it rained on us and we were soaked when we got home. 

 It is quite astonishing to see what is still growing at the garden. We have had frosts but not hard ones as yet.

The dahlias are still going strong though the blooms are looking a little weather-worn.

I am usually thinking about lifting them at this time.

Elsewhere I found several surprises.

Cosmos, calendula, poppy, verbena, ammi, statice, nasturtium.


In the polytunnel aubergines continue to flower.

Tomatoes are still going.

French marigolds bloom.

There was even a red admiral around.
On the way home we found this clump of red campion.

Seems like the seasons are muddled.