Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Chipmunks and Frothy Petticoats

 Christmas is coming.

For crafters this means an early start. Added to this mix, are two young nephews, asking me to make all sorts of things. My pipecleaner stock is rapidly decreasing as I make pairs of glasses for various toys. 

They have both been watching "Alvin and the Chipmunks" so I`ve been busy making crochet chipmunks and they had to have removable hoodies in the right colours!

The bigger set.

The smaller set.

I also had to make a matching monkey to make a pair. These are very small.


A few lavender bags are always nice. I made these from all my Christmas scraps and added some glitter and reindeer.

Here are my alternative gnomes as opposed to traditional coloured ones. I used wool that subtly changes colour for the hats. The beards are made from a recycled fur collar.

Tiny bead fairies in Christmas colours.

And here are my funky fairies. I was asked to make them  and wasn`t quite sure where to start. I was given the colours of gold and purple so went from there.
Their bendy arms and legs are wool wound pipecleaners. The wings are maribou feathers. Lots of frothy petticoats and sequins. And voila.
One of my jobs today has been to package up my home-saved seeds. I have loads this year. They have been drying off in paper bags. I have been very much looking forward to this ... summer gardens in the palm of my hand. Some of the seed has had to be cleaned of seed cases and chaff.

I have made little packets from bee and floral wrapping paper. Finer seed is placed into parchment folds. Here they are so far. Lots still to go.

And finally there`s always a pair of mittens on the go. Looks like we will be needing them in the next few days. At least all of the dahlia tubers are indoors.



  1. Busy busy! The chipmunks are perfect!

  2. Well they are definitely not perfect. In fact every one is different. After painstakingly following a written pattern for one, I decided to make it up as I went along .... 5 times!!!