Sunday, 9 January 2022

Garden Hints and Tips for January

 Today was honestly the first time I felt like doing any jobs in our own garden, bar checking the greenhouses every few days.

So here are my top tips for the start of January.

1. Check your sedums and succulents 

This year I have the majority of my rooted cuttings inside a warm greenhouse but some of the more established pots are in a coldframe with the lights open. I noticed a few rosettes had fallen from the pots and thought, aha I know what that means. I was a bit cross as I had watered them with a special mix in the autumn. Its called Bugclear for vine weevils.

I decided to investigate the pots and sure enough there they were nestled in the soil in larval form.

I discarded the soil. I cleaned up the base of the pieces trying to leave a stalk and then I repotted them in trays with inserts.

2. Check over your geranium cuttings

I have many geranium cuttings this year. I keep them very dry but even so the old flowers and some leaves are mildewed. Remove these carefully trying to reduce the spores you

3. Water greenhouses sparingly 

Be very careful with your watering. Try not to get water on foliage if you really have to do it. I noticed the sedums were looking a little sorry for themselves so I gave them a small amount.

4 Clear leaves from clumps of snowdrops

I am certain that snowdrops would make their way through but I like to clear the dead stuff.

Other ideas to try

Put up a bat roosting box in your garden. This was a Christmas present from my nephew. I am excited to see what happens. It is fastened to the side of our garden room 2m up.

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  1. It’s just so wet and uninviting! Today we had sunshine but really had to hoover and clear up now Christmas is tucked away. I hope it’s dry for next weekend and maybe we’ll feel like starting something…

  2. Well I was mostly in the greenhouse and kept clear of the lawn.