Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Tiny Teddy Pattern and Insect Hotel

Happy New Year

We made our first visit of the year to the garden today. The sun was shining. There was real heat in the rays as we sat outside for our teabreak. I wanted a job that was in the very welcome sunshine so I made a start on the insect hotel area. This hotel has held out very well. Although I will disturb nothing already there, I will be thinking about stuffing a few more things in such as a bundle of more pine cones or some coconut fibre rolled into tubes. There were lots of nettles growing into the area from the field and they were still stinging!! As I moved the huge sawn trunks, the wood was falling apart revealing many snails and other insects. I left them lightly covered, after all it is an insect friendly place.

I need to make a new sign for this area and we are desperately in need of some wood chippings for several places.

As I wandered slowly round the whole garden I was astonished to see two toads basking in the sun. I think they should hide away again quite soon as its going to get cold. I don`t think I have ever seen toads in January. I think they are confused and quite rightly so.


At home I have begun my stash-busting endeavours. I try to go through all my craft boxes getting rid of things I am unlikely to use. The first thing I binned was a lot of Fimo. This is a modelling clay I used a lot in the past. It is VERY old and very hard. So out it went.

I also get a lot of ideas as I sort through. This afternoon it was wet so I have cut out two lots of bunting .... one from recycled curtain fabric and one from tweed samples. I have more silk ones planned as well.

 I had a lot of lovely babygro fabric so I decided to use a very old pattern which I have adapted over the years for a tiny teddy. Here it is.

On double fabric I draw round the template, made from card. I sew round on the machine using a ball point needle, leaving a gap at the gusset. I trim round, turn rightside out and stuff lightly. Jersey is very forgiving and it is easy to manipulate the shape. They usually need a few stitches here and there. I use ladder stitch to sew up the gap and then add the ears. There is a small muzzle. Bead eyes, felt nose and embroidered mouth, a little bow and the tiny teddies are complete.

I am building up the stock for the craft trolley.


Steve got the chance to use his new present from Paula today. It is a collapsible basket for carrying veg. It is very convenient and a clever idea.




Wishing everyone good health and good gardening.



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  1. Happy New Year! Love all those teddies and the insect hotel is looking good. I feel sorry for those toads!