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Wednesday 1 November 2023

Inkcaps and Bailing Buckets

Someone told me today that we have had 8 inches of rain in three days. This does not surprise me. We have needed home-made siphons and bailing buckets to get rid of the rising water. The ground is so saturated it can`t take any more.

Some homes in the village have been flooded and Hastings town centre is flooded for the second time this year. This is what comes of building a shopping centre on the old harbour.

"Build on the rock and not upon the sand."

On our visit to the garden, I had begun to clear another flowerbed when there was an almighty downpour. We hastily retreated to the polytunnel where we were nearly deafened by the noise of the rain on the roof. 


In between there was glorious sunshine. I even saw a butterfly.

The ground was squelching underfoot, raindrops were dripping from the cobshed roof but the sky was as blue as blue.


The fungi is starting to make its presence felt. I think this is an ink cap with its own little hat.

Calendula, clary and echium are providing the very last bit of colour.

Even the dahlias are hanging on.

We are expecting 60 mph winds tomorrow so I don`t think much will be left.


At home I have cut my dahlias down and they will be lifted but at the garden, I will be leaving the tubers in the ground. I have already been searching out new ones on-line for next year.

There is still so much to do at the garden and we will make the most of any sunny days.


  1. Beautiful blue sky! You’ve definitely borne the brunt of the rain, I think. Hope you avoided wind damage

  2. It wasn't as bad as we had imagined. Cosmos has taken a battering though.