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Thursday 30 November 2023

Piling on the Layers

It is much much colder. I don`t mind at all. I like the weather to be seasonal though I am not averse to summer going on a bit longer. We have had a couple of quite heavy frosts. The layers are piling on for chilly gardening days.

There`s plenty of barrowing going on .... chipped bark. We`ve renewed it all round our sitting area and along several paths. It is well and truly spruced up. And it keeps us warm.

We even got a chance to start clearing the big raised bed. Forgetmenots have seeded everywhere so I have transferred some into the shrub bed where rabbits have decimated the wallflower plants I put in a while ago.


The next big job will be this bit of path alongside the raised bed.
It is full of brambles, nettles and deadly nightshade.

It was cleared this time last year!!!

Yesterday I had a table at a craft fair at the Five Villages Home Association in the next village. It is a very friendly affair with a lovely Christmasy atmosphere.

My sister came to help and my brother played carols. We were in the sun filled lounge and it was delightful.

I sold a lot of my Christmas crafts and had a nice time chatting to residents and visitors.

I have begun my round of wreath making. I use the willow from the garden which I wove earlier in the autumn. We are running the wreath making day again this year. 
I am looking forward to it.




  1. Ooh we’ll done for getting out in that cold weather. Too cold for me to do any gardening but I may see if I can manage to pull up a parsnip!
    I’m sure your lovely crafts sold very well

  2. Not as cold as it is this weekend and yes a lot of the veg taste better for the cold.