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Sunday 12 November 2023

Willow and the Woven Poppies

Today is Remembrance Sunday and we are all thinking of what our families did during the wars.

Yesterday Hollie decorated the horse and carriage for a ride through the village. 

I missed her on the way up the lane but luckily heard the unmistakable sound of Willow`s hooves on the road and dashed out just in time.

Well both horse and carriage looked splendid and it was a beautiful day to boot.

Here are some of Hollie`s photos from the ride.

Driving up the lane in bright sunlight.

Outside Pett Church. You can see the crochet poppies in the background.
Just look at the work Hollie put in to the intricate plaiting and weaving with poppies, on Willow`s mane.

Then they came back down the lane where I was very glad to have caught them.
And so back to the farm.

It was a great sight and I hope it was enjoyed by villagers along the way. A lovely way to remember.
Well done Hollie and your helpers.

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