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Saturday 30 December 2023

Garden Review 2023 Part 1

Freshwinds Garden Review 2023 Part 1

As I look through my 500 plus photos from the garden, I can`t help but think I could choose any number of themes to run through my review. What I have chosen is quite random but I hope you enjoy it.

Overall we have had a very good year, peppered with family times, sausage sizzles, a lot of laughs and plenty of fun. 

And some hard work.


The damson tree which has grown out of all proportion to our tiny orchard, had to go. It has shaded all the other tiny trees. I was sad about it as the damsons were great but the other trees have benefited from more light.


The bees were out early exploring the nesting boxes.
The pots of daffodils were a welcome sight.
This flowerbed had an overhaul.


The tortoises came out of hibernation. Oh how they are loved by visitors.

Helleborus giving signs of the joys to come.



The fairies came out from hibernation.
The scarecrows returned.
Only a scrappy selection of dahlias were left, after winter storage went a bit wrong.


Poppies began to fill the garden.
The tiny fairy yurt went up decorated with Hollie`s wedding floral rings.
And we found a no-spot ladybird!!


I planted a rather poor set of sunflower plantlets, little imagining how they would eventually flower.
The polytunnel was in full flow.
Sweetpeas delghted us all.
We were all astounded by the phormium flower in the tortoise run.


A new set of willow fairies moved in at the entrance.
Couer de Bue tomatoes on their way to a bumper harvest.

The more roomy area near the polytunnel was a great success.

And we built a new fernery to replace the so-called herb garden. It is in shadow a lot of the time so much more suited to ferns and moss.


End of part 1.



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  1. Definitely found that May onwards are the best months and the photo numbers increase too 😊 I like your troughs of succulents in the ‘roomy area’.