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Monday 25 December 2023

Pett in the Pink

 On Thursday Hollie and Anne invited me on a Christmas carriage ride, along with Jan and Julie. It was a mild late afternoon with the most incredible pink sky. 

Hollie picked us up outside the house. We heard the gentle clopping of Willow as she came up the lane. The carriage was lit with twinkly lights and festive decorations.

We drove up to the main road, pulling out carefully from the lane, with Anne in full Christmas gear of white flowing beard and red hat, checking on traffic.

Many people waved from houses along the way, called out from cars and took photos. I think we were quite a sight especially as it became dusk.

The sky was an incredible pink with trees outlined and pretty lights in many gardens.

Willow went just a little faster when we made the return journey. And with colada, mince pies and chocs to imbibe, we were a very happy group.

It was a really lovely way to spend the late afternoon.

Thank you Hollie and Anne for the mobile picnic.


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