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Tuesday 19 December 2023

Eight Eager Wreath-Makers

Picture a cosy Valley View yurt, with a vista of green from the  decking, lined with old carpet.

Picture a lovely log fire in the burner inside. 

Picture a groaning double trellis table with every imaginable winter greenery you can wish for.

And not forgetting the brimming baskets of 

"fripperies" ( showy ornamentation)

Picture eight eager wreath-makers ready for the off ...

..... and you have a bright Saturday morning of wreath-making in mid-December, as arranged in December 2022.

Everybody soon dove into the greenery, though Anne was a bit later, having marshalled part of the Pudding Run through the muddy farm paths. 

We had a quick recap of skills required and off we went.

The results were quirky, individual, stunning and satisfying.

Some people astounded themselves with their own results.

We had teabreaks with lovely gingerbread from Prague, thanks to Hollie B.

We had delicious home-made soup thanks to Jan and Julie.

We even managed to sit outside for lunch.

The completed wreaths made a splendid sight lined up along the decking.

And here we all are at the end of a splendid morning.
And yes that is Julie, hiding at the front.

Many thanks to Anne for hosting and providing tea and rolls.

I hope we can do it again.






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  1. Some lovely wreaths and happy crafters! That soup looks rather delicious too! Merry Christmas!