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Wednesday 31 January 2024

Colours of Spring

 I spotted the first snowdrop today. They are not easy to capture in a photo. But such a welcome sight.

We did the bird count for RSPB from our garden last Sunday. We got 10 varieties with which we were very pleased. It is a bit annoying, however when the nuthatch, which has gobbled up all the fat balls for weeks, chooses not to come on that day at that particular hour. 

We have had quite a few days in the garden throughout January, so plenty of jobs getting done. 

Our own insect hotel is as complete as it can be. Today we added hessian tubes full of thin logs, sheeps wool, pine cones and hay. Steve drilled holes in a solid piece of wood. We squeezed it all in, using a rubber mallet in some cases. We hope to fill gaps with straw.

I have had more ideas to decorate with pyrographed pictures and possibly a label at the top. Later in the year there will be a sedum roof added.

I decided to gather a lot of Easter related crafts materials in one place. I did this at Christmas too. I find it very inspiring.

I wondered if I was jumping the gun a bit but as a crafter, I have to be thinking ahead.

What to make? That is the question. So many choices.
On one miserable, cold day I did wash lots of used labels.
They have been used over and over again for years.
I am a bit obsessive about my labels I suppose.

Today my new wellies came in the post. Oh I am pleased. But I chose the old ones to wear in the garden in the afternoon, because I didn`t want to get the new ones dirty.
Odd logic I know!!! 
And the pots of spring colour are now in situ.


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