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Sunday 3 March 2024

Fluffy Flowers and Hippie Scarecrows

Seed sowing has begun in earnest and Steve has managed to get some onions in today despite the previous wet weather. 

So far in the flower department, we have sown sweetpeas, calendula, cornflowers, cosmos and ageratum. In the veggie department we have sown lettuce, spinach, sprouts, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Today I have done quite a bit of rearranging in both greenhouses at home to make more space .

It was lovely in the garden today. The birdsong was amazing. We dismantled the pirate scarecrow as he is going to become Gandalf. He needs a new head. His lower regions have drooped so we hope to hoist his trousers up a bit higher. Once Gandalf`s long grey gown is on, they won`t be seen.

Then Paula and I weeded the tiny fairy garden, recreated the path with sand, glitter and glass pebbles and covered a few bare areas with moss.


I have been checking all the fairy garden components. Most are fine for another year.

The hippie scarecrow got a new waistcoat.


The wooden toadstools have had a lick of red paint.


See what you can spot in this picture. It must be getting warmer.

I woke up a few days ago with lots of crafty ideas. I have three boxes of fluffy wool in the loft and I had been puzzling over what to make. It is not easy to knit up or crochet with.
Someone gave me this huge pompom maker so I made massive pompoms. They may be future hedgehogs or a furbie type of creature. They are soft and cuddly.

I`ve also had a flower loom for some time and I`ve never used it. I tried some fluffy flowers, was pleased with the results and ended up making 45. I shall be stringing them together with leaves or decorating bags.

Here is the flower loom. Up until now this craft has never appealed to me. But once I began I could not stop.
I`m glad I did not throw it away.
Happy Spring days to everyone.


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