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Wednesday 27 March 2024

Fairies, Gnomes and Flumpies

Things have been hotting up, as the first yurters are due at the weekend. Tim and Anne are trundling round the campsite getting everything shipshape. We have been trying to neaten things in the garden. 

I did a bit of strimming. The log seats are in situ. The fairy garden is done. The gnome home is done. I have added some new bunting and some gnome heads.

I have also been creating some new gnomes for the stumpery. They will peep out from hollow logs and in between ferns. This afternoon I have just given them a bit of waterproofing spray which I hope may make them last a bit longer outdoors.

Next to the gnome home where they store their treasure in a log cave, there is a fairy cave of larger proportions.

I have created some new sitting fairies to go in there.

Some of them have got such funny little faces but they will all be happy in their new home. They too have been waterproofed for longer life. The fairy cave will be my next job.

The middle flower bed is done .... hooray. Steve had to break up the matted roots for me with a spade. They now have well rotted manure spread around. One more flowerbed to go. They have been very hard work.

The split plum branch is smothered in blossom. How can I prune it off. I am thinking of sealing the crack with duct tape.

We harvested our first rhubarb. Goodness me it was lovely.

I have been turning the huge soft pompoms into all kinds of creatures.


Still 6 to go so watch this space.

HAPPY EASTER to everyone.



  1. Finally things are moving on - hooray!

  2. Yes and really much more since I wrote this entry