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Thursday 14 March 2024

The Return of Gandalf

 Gandalf has returned. Hooray.

It is so nice to have him back again. He suits our garden down to the ground.

I was very excited as we loaded the components into the car. It was such a lovely day that we were able to assemble him outside the polytunnel.

Now this scarecrow has had several incarnatons. This will be the third.

(Once he was Doctor Who. Once he was a pirate.)

It was a bonus that we did not have to construct a new body.

I had to dress him before the head went on. The arms are jointed so dressing is easier. I still struggled.

At this stage he was ready for his head. Steve screwed it on after adjusting slightly.
After this, I decided that the arms were out of proportion, so Steve was able to elongate them at the wrist.

I padded out the chest and shoulders with old stuffing from sofa cushions, to balance out the whole look.

Anne bought a beautiful Celtic brooch which I attached to the bag. It was a perfect touch.

Finally I sewed on a cloak across his shoulders and trimmed his beard just a tad.

Now he is ready to grace us with his presence in the garden but for now he will guard the polytunnel for us.


Welcome back Mr Gandalf.

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