Monday, 12 July 2021

Seven Green Frogs

 The continued damp is making the hot days humid and sometimes uncomfortable for any hard work. I am keeping my eye open for the grass snake that lives in our compost heaps as it loves these conditions. Not spotted yet.

As soon as you start to sweat, the horse flies are around and they give a nasty nip. As well as suntan lotion, we now take insect repellant.

As we stood round the pond, we spotted seven green frogs.

Here are three of them.

 The hollyhocks have just started to open. It is incredible to think these massive plants have been grown from seed. We did lose a few flower spikes in the wind which was very upsetting especially when they are just about to flower.

Just look at the veining on this one.

The first aubergines are forming and have such pretty flowers.

I took this photo from underneath.

Tomatoes are fattening up. I wish some would ripen. Steve has cut lower leaves off with this in mind.

Poppy heads are being harvested for seeds and decoration.

Steve also harvested a potato from the bottom of the compost sides. One always seems to come up there. We had some for dinner last night. Reds and delicious.

How I love it when the harvesting begins in earnest.




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