Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Ditsy Boots and Sedum Baskets

It`s been a mixed bag weather-wise but everything is doing well because of showers interspersed with warm sunshine. The only thing suffering is the clustered rose flowers which are rotting before they actually open.

It was the perfect time to try out my new ankle boots.

They did look a trifle odd with cut-off trousers but hey ho, who`s worried. My feet were dry. And I love them.

I have been preparing for some cob-shed roof patching in the autumn. We were given some turfs by John. We used most to repair the edges of our own lawn but the rest was turned over and laid out on freshly weeded soil. Then I mounded up earth on top and planted sedum plants which I rooted last year. I don`t think they have done as well as usual. I hope they do better here in this spot.

In the background you can see the newly thinned out iris Esclarmonde, in a totally new piece of ground.

I have never tried to have hanging baskets at the garden due to the amount of care they need but this is the next best thing.

It has been very successful

Most of the rest of the time I spent weeding the rows of carrots and beetroot and discarding useless kohlrabi plants. I also transferred a lot of verbena boniarensis.

Plenty of campers around to chat to as well.

At the end I decided not to put the netting back over but used net curtains as a barrier for the usual rabbit problem.

There is very beautiful and delicate flower in Anne`s bed. It`s called thalictrum.

The runner beans and onions are doing well.


Some of the paths are almost impassable. Its like a jungle and we remain hidden when we take our teabreaks. We are surrounded by black hollyhocks, towering sweetcorn, sunflowers and ever-expanding clumps of Michaelmus daisy bursting out from the beds..... such a magnet for insects later in the season.

This stunning thistle came up outside a flowerbed and every time I pass it reminds me that it is there!! But I can`t bear to pull it out.


The wild flower area continues to give enjoyment 
Long may it continue.




  1. Ooh, I like your sedum hanging basket, I’m going to try that. Thanks.
    Your wildflower patch is full of colour - beautiful. It’s good growing weather this month isn’t it, but I hope the strong winds don’t return.

    1. I had to rescue several sunflower so goodness knows what we will find at Freshwinds.

  2. Oh, and I like your booties ☺️