Monday, 19 July 2021

The Butterfly Garden

The butterfly garden (which actually has bees in it) is reaching its zenith. My sister and I sowed all the seed back in April. We had about 5 packets of wild flowers and it is very interesting to see how they have worked out.

From left to right, the first section was a most peculiar selection with something similar to a wild radish predominating. It was Fothergills Wildflower mix. Not what was on the front of the packet, though I notice some of these seeds will be perenniel. So far I am not impressed.

The next section is Wildlife Mixed by Fothergills. It is ok. I am hoping for something more perhaps later.

The next section is very strange and consists of entirely plantain. Were these seeds really in this mix. I really love it when the back of the packet reads that the "contents may vary from illustration." Too right they do.

Interestingly the best sections by far are the cheapest ... 50p packets from £land as well as a hardy annuals mix from Kings.

These are the prettiest sections and the look I really wanted.

I am enjoying the whole bed anyway. Next year I will make more careful choices. And I must remember that what appeals to me doesn`t necessarily appeal to the wildlife!!

(in April)

Here are some other photos from around the garden.

 When I look at these hollyhocks towering up to the blue sky, I can hardly believe they grew from a little round disc of a seed. They do however, take two years to get to this point and we had to tie them as best we could before the heavy rain and storms. The colours are delicate.

For next year I have brighter colours.

And a useful tip is to never put the rust covered leaves on your compost. Burn them if you can.

 And its so lovely to see the tiny fairy yurt up in the garden this year, full of fairy books and dressing up clothes.




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  1. Your wildlife patch is looking good, but plantain is a bit of a dead loss. We have lots in our wildlife plot too, but they seem to be very good for butterflies. I’ll do a post similar to this quite soon..