Friday, 31 December 2021

Of UFO`s and Indian Summers Review part 2

 By midsummer, campers had returned to the farm. The weather was glorious apart from some destructive winds.The garden was lush after plenty of rain. We did very little watering around the garden but the automatic watering system came into its own in the polytunnel.


A UFO passed close to the garden. The wildflower garden looked wonderful and attracted many insects. Hollyhocks were magnificent. There were plenty of frogs in the pond .... seven spotted at one go.


We had windy weather which caused havoc with sunflowers, hollyhocks and even the dahlias. Harvesting began in earnest and we offered flowers and vegetables free from a garden chair. They were eagerly snapped up. Anne`s new flowerbed was looking wonderful. We had brilliant family days.


It was hot. The sweetpeas continued to provide fragrant sprays. The Michaelmus daisies took over some areas despite thinning last year. The harvest was amazing. I made harvest rings and witches.




There were plenty of dahlias to sell in bunches at the village coffee mornings. We completely cleared the bed nearest the polytunnel. Steve constructed a 4th compost heap and the weather was wonderful.


The dahlias were still going strong. The season was elongated. I had collected seed all summer long and packaged them all up into 86 special envelopes.


Carols in the Barn was able to go ahead. It was a lovely occasion. The barn looked wonderful. My crafting year closed with a couple of grinches and wreaths for the whole family.


The end of this year marks our 10 year anniversary creating and tending Freshwinds Garden. I can hardly believe it. 

Anne has made us a lovely album of photos marking this milestone, taken over those ten years.

We love the garden and we love the time we spend there. It becomes more special with each passing year. It is a magical space.

Happy New Year to all those who read my blog.

And here`s to the next ten years and 2022 tee hee.







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