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Sunday 14 January 2024

Creating a Scarecrow Head

I can`t believe January is halfway through. We have had walks on the beach, muddy walks in the wood and we`ve even had a few visits to the garden.

We are trying to get a rotten elder trunk out. We even bought a new trenching spade to help. Steve has been sawing roots but we`re still not there.

I`ve been taking out nettle roots all along the orchard fence and under the guinea pig hutch foundations. Nettles are a very successful plant in so many ways.


Here is the scarecrow waiting for its reincarnation. I found plenty of suitable clothes in the loft. Recently I was given some slightly stretchy flesh coloured fabric. This has proved perfect for scarecrow head making. Several layers anyway.


This is how I made the head

I used three layers and sewed it into a tube.

I tied it at the top and then stuffed it.

Next I put the pre-drilled stake inside, stuffed round it and added button eyes.

I tried to get a bit of shaping into the face but I could not manage any deepness to the eyes to form sockets. I haven`t got a long enough needle. The mouth was embroidered in chain stitch.

I had very thick wool in the loft. I made a wig which I tied in bunches and added a floppy sunhat with a huge flower.

When she is dressed I will add a photo here. She`s going to be a bright, happy addition to the garden.


Other craft I have been involved in ....

.....using up my little scraps
 I want to put a tiny teddy in the small ones.

And with Valentines Day in mind, I made these bookmarks using some of the lovely ribbon from my brother.

My other January jobs have been honing down my knitting needle collection, sorting my crochet hooks and trying out some tiny teddies.

I wonder if we`re going to get any of the snow that`s being forecast.

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