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Friday 5 January 2024

First Soggy Footing

 We made our first visit to Freshwinds Garden this year. Good job we had wellies on. Every step was a squelch and we tried not to step in the same place twice.

The strong gusty winds have played havoc.

The lovely round cob shed door is going to need extensive repairs. It has blown open and bent its hinges and one piece has broken off. Its not an easy job.

The water barrel which was full, blew off its stand which I can hardly believe.

The guinea pig home blew right off its brick and paving base. Luckily they are spending the winter in a stable.

 Again unbelievable.

The covering over the sprouts was blown right off. Steve soon had that back in place. Here it is looking like a ghostly dragon.

I set to and carried on with my bramble clearing and I got to the end of the path. We found Wood Ear fungi on the elder. We will cut it right down and hope that some new shoots emerge. It will be a good chance to get rid of the nettles entangled in its roots.

Tim and Anne must have worked hard over the holiday. They added the new logs round the pond ..... which is very full. So plenty more seats for pond observation.
We had our teabreak in the warmer polytunnel where the cushions (unusually) were a little damp and the broad beans were doing well.

I crept round the stable wall to see if I could take some pictures of the new baby guinea pigs but Anne was there sorting the feed and they remained hidden in the straw. There are seven girls and two boys and they will all be in the orchard run in 2024.
I did get a nice photo of the donkeys under shelter. They came to me for a treat. Unfortunately I did not have an apple.
At home, after lunch we had a visit from my brother and he brought me a stash of grosgrain ribbon from the sales. 
I was a happy bunny.

Happy New Year everyone.


  1. Happy New Year! Sorry to see the damage, it has been shockingly horrible weather. Will see what damage has happened to our soggy plot later I expect. Love the donkeys x

  2. And the same to you. I had to stay focussed on one job!!