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Wednesday 24 January 2024

Ribbons Galore and Tiny Teds

As I do my annual sort out, I am inundated by many ideas that I want to try and in the end they all bank up, or I have several projects on the go at once.

There have been quite a few indoor days, so I decided to go through my ribbon and braid drawers.

As you can see I have rather a lot. So I have decided to make some ribbon wavers. 

The grosgrain ribbon from my brother, has been very useful for the bunting. I have used up lots of fabric scraps to make this colourful mini-bunting.


I find it very satisfying to use up my scraps like this.

I was keen to make little teddies to go in the patchwork bags. My first pattern did not work but this little one did work as long as I used felt.

I persevered with the much smaller t.shirt teddies. I had to sew slowly on my machine in order to get round the tight corners.

Here they are.


They will fit in the patchwork bags as well.

I also had some lovely soft Winnie the Pooh fabric so I made more tiny bags.

Now I am now making amigurami Pooh bears to go in them.

Coming up is the school Valentine disco so I usually find something to make to raise funds. This year it is bookmarks, made from scraps of ribbon and braid after my sort out. 

I hope the children will find them attractive.

When we have managed time outdoors, I have been filling the insect hotel on our front bank. Steve has made me a wonderful curved roof on which I hope to plant sedum later in the spring.

All in all a very creative January and its not over yet.













  1. You have been busy, as always!
    Lots of lovely goodies

  2. Well I do get inspired when I review all my craft stuff then I can't help it.

  3. Well done Jen you put the materials to great use what lovely things you have made.