Saturday, 7 January 2017

First Footing Freshwinds

A bleak, wet January morning for our first visit to Freshwinds Garden this year.
We wanted veg and to take a look at the more immediate jobs to do.
There doesn`t seem to be much point in planning big changes because ideas at the garden seem to evolve rather than be planned too far ahead and indeed this is more exciting.

Walking around the garden in January has its own beauty.
You can see the bare bones of a garden.
The birdsong is good, the moss is as green as can be with the damp, helleborus are budding up and the donkeys continue to bray to their hearts` content.

                                               Herb garden brick dividers covered in moss

The moles have been busy round the newest area. They don`t trouble me at all but I know they drive some people mad.

Lots of flower beds need work.

Not much chipped bark to go now.

The paths look great.

Looks like goose grass is seeding itself. Where did those seeds come from?

Misty views across the fields.

The pond is so full and in need of some work.

The little orchard is due for some TLC.

Despite the scarecrows still looking happy, they will be happier still with the new wardrobe I am putting together for them.

All the cushion covers came home for a wash. The two white chairs will get a make-over and the dahlias are fine under their blankets.

I brought the gladioli bulbs home to clean off.

And planted some very late bulbs from Jamie and Julia.

Enough to get the juices going......
.......but still a lot of winter jobs indoors.


Sunday, 1 January 2017

Review 2016 Part 2

Well here is part 2.

July..... the raised bed was thriving, the wrens nested under the cob shed eaves, Steve created a grid to hold up the alstromeria and the tiny yurt was pitched in the garden.
We created a fairy palace from tree tree stumps.

 August......lots of visitors, harvesting fruit and veg and sunflowers reaching to the skies.

 And our first magical fairy days.

September.......the dahlias were at their best, we planted more trees and we cleared the wild flower garden ready to create a new area.

 October..... a new area was created by the old gate, harvesting was still going on and new plans were afoot for the old polytunnel.

November.......a most enormous amount of chipped bark was delivered to the car park and that kept us very busy.

December........the old polytunnel was dismantled, a new stable base was built and the two donkeys, Rosie and Alice played their special parts in the nativity in Carols in the Barn.

A great year and plenty to look forward to in 2017.
This will be our 7th year at Freshwinds Garden.
Happy New Year to everyone and happy gardening.
Some of my friends and family will laugh when they hear my new years resolutions for the gardens.

Review 2016 Part 1

2016 has been a magical year at Freshwinds Garden, for more reasons than you would think.
The harvest throughout has been amazing despite recurring problems with rabbits.
We`ve had many visitors, many of whom seem to love the garden as much as we do.
The seasons have come and gone, with flurries of great activity ..... none greater than late spring. 
The summer was long and hot with two successful fairy days.
And the autumn was busy with new plans for various projects.
I hope you enjoy the review in photos. It`s not easy to choose from over 500 photos.

January.......a cold start to the year, sprouts to pick and plenty of ice to smash.

 February.........a good wash for the polytunnel and a new set of compost heaps. These have proved to be not enough for a garden this size.

March........the old compost heaps were cleared to make way for a new gate and even more beds were wired off to prevent rabbits` devastation. cherry trees were planted and the lambing began in earnest.

May.......Anne planted a lovely range of new dahlias to be ready for Abigail`s wedding.
The second garden entry was ready for change and first plantings disappeared.

June........the orchard was lost in the undergrowth, the sunflowers thrived in a new position and the polytunnel began to fill out.

Please see part 2 for the rest of the year.