Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Foxes, Toadstools and Mittens

I have enjoyed a great year of crafting and it`s not over yet. By that I mean, there are lots more exciting things to try, and all before Christmas.
It`s coming up to my annual review of my craft resources which usually involves some kind of reshuffling, as well as reminding myself exactly what I`ve got.
Recently I had a stall at the village craft fair.
It was a great day with friends, family and villagers dropping in all the time. And I sold quite a lot.


There seems to be a bit of a foxy theme for this winter so far. I made this pattern up as I went along, hence each fox is different. 

This fox took slightly longer to make but I think he`s quite cute.

I made a lot of toadstools whilst on holiday.
They were popular at the craft fair.

I was asked to make these polar bears by my niece-in-law.

They are embroidered in silver.
This pattern was made using ideas from Pinterest.

Recently I made some fingerless mittens for a friend, Roger. He belongs to a walking group called the Auld Phartz.
When the group saw his mittens they decided they wanted them to be part of the group`s winter uniform, so I found myself making 6 more pairs. I have asked for a photo.

The latest teddy bears. I love the wool that changes
colour as you knit.

Other recent makes....

......and finally
Fletcher my nephew in his beanie hat.


Monday, 21 November 2016

Chippings and Drizzle

There is so much going on at the moment.
We have been away to Leicester for a few days to see our great-nephew Henry.
We had a great time. We spent one afternoon with 6 babies under one year, with their mums, making Christmas cards. They used baby footprints to make penguins, reindeer and Xmas trees. The results were fantastic. I will put some photos in my next blog entry.
On Saturday we had the village craft fair which went very well and I sold a lot.

The most exciting news is that Anne has taken delivery of a huge load of chipped bark.
We went to see it today and ended up spreading quite a bit in the drizzle.

Anne had done lots of spreading around the garden already and put in a lot of hard work.


Unfortunately it was drizzling but we set to and did the raised bed path.

We got hot and sweaty but took 5,900 steps and used 190 calories according to my app.
By 1 o clock we were ready for lunch.

The pond is very full after all the rain.

Lovely pine logs from the same source.
Can`t wait to get back and spread more around.
Feeling very lucky.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Pumpkins and Turkeys

After a lovely week away for late sunshine, it was a joy to visit the garden today.
Despite the 27 degree difference, the first frost and the start of a diet!!! it was just glorious in the sunshine.

The dahlias were touched by frost.....

......but I managed to find a few for the house.

There were even a few alstromeria.

Some helichrysum still going strong.

The sheep came right up to the garden fence by the polytunnel. Just being nosy I think.

I brought the first dahlias in and the pot of geraniums.

My brother and sister in law brought Frazer and Fletcher to see us.

We had wheelbarrow rides, sat in the new chairs and went to see the turkeys.

We admired the lovely pumpkin lantern.

The trees bordering the garden taking on autumn hues.

An interesting colourful harvest today.
Peppers, tomatoes and beetroot in our very welcome salad this evening.

No matter where we travel, it is so good to get home again, even if it does mean
fur blankets, vests and log fires.
Come to think of it, I like that just as much. 

Friday, 14 October 2016

Good Gardening Days

Today was a good gardening day.....slightly cooler with a bit of sunshine.
And it was productive.
I began the morning by cutting back elder growing all along the barn wall.
It was a long way to drag the cuttings to the new bonfire site.
I also began pulling up the nettles there.

There`s still quite a way to go. I like to keep it clear.

In the polytunnel the first bed was completely dug out by Anne on Monday and filled with manure and our own compost. We hope no blight spores remain.

There are still a few things to harvest....such lovely colours.

Anne told us about the visit from Peter the Pond.....he came to try and find the leak in the lake, which he did quite easily. He also had a look at our pond and said that parrot weed is now on the list of invasive water plants. He liked the watermint and said it made great tea.
With that in view I pulled out as much parrot weed as I could reach.
We have left it on the side for creatures to crawl back to the water.

I planted odd feverfew plants into the new area and they seem quite happy after a few days in situ.

The crabapple continues to delight.

My next job was to spread chippings round the area cleared on Monday by me, Paula and Anne.

An ash tree has seeded itself along the fence.
A strong, sturdy sapling.

May the first frost stay away so we can continue to fill the house with vases of dahlias.

The interior of the shed is now filled with fairy items.

Watch this space as there are new plans afoot.

Quite excited about this.