Sunday, 21 August 2016

Fairy Story 2

Today we have had our second Fairy Day and it was lovely.
The weather held, though it was a bit breezier than last time and 
everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
I certainly did.

This time we had a face painter called Claire.....a very nice young lady.
I had my face done. I would have posted a picture but too many wrinkles up close!!!

Tracey from the Little Vintage Tea Box showed me how to fold and tie the forties style headscarf and I liked the look. Still wearing it.

 The Little Vintage Tea Box has been busy this summer.
Last weekend Tracey did Abigail and George`s wedding....what a perfect addition to the celebrations.
But you have to get in with the bookings....
see contact below.
Lovely teas and cakes as always.

This time, I did one stint as the story teller, taking groups round the trail. Anne did the rest. I really enjoyed it.....creeping past the sleeping troll under the bridge and visiting Fairy Hollow.
Lots of very well-behaved children, thoroughly enthralled by the magic.
Anne brought us tea on a tray to keep us going, all the way from the garden.
I walked back up the trail with two friends who want to bring their grandchildren. All busy today.
They loved it all and can`t wait for the next one.

In the garden some children wrote messages and drew pictures for the fairies.
They were left in the treasure chest.

Inside the tiny yurt were seats and fairy books and fairy dressing up clothes.

And some children enjoyed making fairy gardens.

It was lovely to see children running through the garden in fancy dress, waving magic wands and searching for stone ladybirds and bees.

Further along Paula was there to help them make fairy crowns....there were some magical creations.
And brilliant to see dads and uncles getting stuck in with the glitter and sequins.

And to the grandma accompanying her grandaughter....
....I hope she says yes to something soon.
I thought you were wonderfully patient.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Blight Plight

We have blight in the polytunnel!!!
 The tomatoes are suffering.
The crop will not be so good as once hoped.
We have removed almost all the leaves and these will have to be burned.
In the autumn we will have to dig out all the affected soil....that doesn`t fill me with much joy. 
We have picked some of the green tomatoes and Steve has made green tomato sauce.

The crinkly ones are delicious in salads as they seem to absorb oil and cider vinegar.
Luckily cucumbers, melons and peppers are not affected.

Much as we love butterflies at Freshwinds, we do not like their off-spring.
And we don`t quite know what is causing this devastation.
But looking on the bright side.....

.......great crop of runner beans......
 ......there are some sweetcorn left for us.......
 ......the melons are fattening up.....

.......even the Aldi watermelons.

There is loads to bring home.
And I remain positive when I go home laden with bunches of colourful dahlias and statice.
Gardening is always 
"swings and roundabouts"
"some you win and some you lose."

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Happy Harvesting

Freshwinds Garden was very busy today with campers coming and going.
It is great to chat with them and hear how much they have enjoyed staying.
Anne has taken children on a fairy walk and they made their wands in the tiny yurt.
Next time they will find the log seats a little more comfy.
Note that there is a chest of fairy dressing up clothes in there now.
The fairy palace had some extra decorations .....
.......and it is starting to blend into its surroundings.

The main job is spreading chippings. We have had a huge pile delivered.
The paths have to be weeded first.
I spent quite a bit of time weeding part of the raised bed before raking the lovely topsoil across.
(courtesy of Andy)
The dahlias are fabulous.

One family went home with a huge bunch, I`d just picked.
The sweetpeas were picked....

......cucumbers harvested......

........courgettes, spring onions, sweetcorn, some of which we ate for dinner.
 The gladiolis are as good as last year, still £1 from Aldi.
The morning glory looking stunning today in the polytunnel.
We have blight in there which might mean a lot of work in the autumn with
 the removal of quite a lot of soil.
I think it may have been caused by unusually damp conditions.
This is our biggest sunflower.
At home the blackcurrant wine is on the bubble.
And there are still some to pick. The blackcurrant jam made by Paula, is selling like hot cakes.
More hot weather on its way soon.

Saturday, 6 August 2016


As regular readers know I am a long-standing fan of the Rolling Stones.
A couple of years ago, I saw them for the first time ever in Hyde Park.
That was a weekend to remember.

My birthday present, from Paula, was a ticket to their exhibition in the 
Saatchi Gallery, London.

It is their first international exhibition.

This blog entry will not have many photos as film and photos were not allowed in the gallery, so my description will have to suffice.

The day began with my first treat from Paula.....a London bus tea ride.

Here is the high tea we had and yes we ate it all.

The  views were interesting....... through rain soaked the bus moved slowly through the traffic around the London sights.

We walked form Victoria Bus Station to the gallery....about half a mile, with a couple of surprises on the way.

We spent an hour in a massive Peter Jones store nearby, as we had timed tickets. 

 And then we were off.

Inside there were nine rooms 

There was a reconstruction of their flat in Edith Grove which was pretty disgusting, with unmade beds, beer bottles, discarded clothes etc.
From there we went into the recording room with reconstructions of a recording studio, instruments, drum kits and dial decks. In here we could do our own mixing, listening to various songs and being able to change each track.
The variables were astonishing. It always makes me wonder how they reproduce the sound live.
Keith Richards had kept tiny diaries which were on display, along with playlists kept meticulously by Ronnie Wood.

In the Art and Design room we saw mock ups for stage designs, sketch books of ideas, the origins of the famous tongue logo....this was part of a 3D display with a projected light show....quite stunning.

There was a wraparound cinematic experience which was mind-blowing, with footage from way back to the present day.
There were costumes from houndstooth suits to glam-rock, beautifully displayed with video or photos alongside.
Who saved and stored it`s almost as if they knew this exhibition 
would take place in the future.

Finally we waited "backstage" amongst all the equipment, boxes of guitars and makeup "rooms" 
to enter the final performance room. We had 3D glasses which I`ve never used before.
We were treated to the last number from the Hyde Park concert "Satisfaction."
And we were there!!!
We had a fantastic experience and I thought it was very well done.
I would never expect anything else from the Stones, who never do anything by halves.

It is well worth a visit.