Monday, 19 March 2018

Blending into the Background

Our holiday to Fuertaventura, would not be complete without a visit to the hills surrounding Betancuria.
And I had to wait til the last day to do it. 
It wasn`t as windy as the last time we went .... I remember that time, being rather sorry to have worn my summer dress, seeing as most of my flower shots were quite low. A little draughty.
This time I was ready. 
I think I chose my colour palette quite well.
I explored the area around Mirador Morro Velosa.
Absolutely fascinating ..... for not knowing what you would find ..... and also for the novelty of seeing flowering plants.
I haven`t done much about identifying them this time round but I know roughly the family.


This photo does not do this tiny bulb justice. 
It was a startling purple.
Echium and calendula.
This striking lichen reminded me of an exotic sea anemone.

 The other two waited most patiently for me.
 Then it was off to Betancuria.
More in my next blog entry.


Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Rabbits Return

When the sun came out yesterday, it was lovely.
We were however wrapped in quite a few layers.
The garden was very claggy and only workable in some areas.
I set to and weeded the asparagus bed before the precious shoots come through.
Steve sorted a lot of rotting wood for burning.
We admired the new base for the fairy yurt.

I felt like dancing on it.
It was made by Tim`s brother, Nick.
The rabbits are back in the mini-stable, looking fit.

They are enjoying the new tunnel.
We walked to the Sunrise Yurt to share a teabreak with Tim and Anne, who were busy preparing  for visitors.
Lots of news to share.
On the way back we noticed how well the
 double row of willow is doing.
The moles are building a city I think.
 Plenty of colour


Back at home, I checked on the greenhouses where things are starting to move.
 Some tiny rockery plant cuttings which I hope will perk up after being repotted.
 Garlic just beginning to move.
Cobweb houseleeks from tiny cuttings.
 Succulent plantlets from leaf cuttings.
 A minute sedum, perfect for the fairy garden.
Our own aloe vera plant growing well.
Paula was given this as a tiny plant when she bought aloe vera products in Fuertaventura the last time we went.
A whole lot of poppies and delphiniums from the rose garden make-over.
Jury`s Yellow in flower.
And finally, this is what greets us at our front doorstep.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Ribbons and Keyrings

One of my pleasures on holiday, is taking a craft pack or two, 
to intersperse with other activities.
We had superb lighting in our villa which can be an issue.
I put the packs together before we went.
My first pack was for owl keyrings.
My second was for cats.
And my third was for Easter bunnies.
I always love a rummage round the new shops
and was very pleased to see the lovely ribbon on 25 metre reels
for 1.5 euros .... incredible value. 
The haul included flower petals for the fairy making.
And today I`ve just completed my 88th poppy so 
I am well on the way to 100. 
I`ve been spraying more buttons black.
Steve completed the new keyrings for the campsite this afternoon..
I tried out these little birds before the holiday.

It won`t be long before I set up the craft trolley
in the Wool Barn.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Seabass and Velvet Napkins

On our first visit to Fuerteventura, we took one look at the main road into Corralejo and decided it was not a place we wanted to go .... the shops, the number of people.
This time round, we thought we would take a look.
I`m so glad we did.
Yes, there were a lot of touristy shops, but further down names like Desiguel, Bershka, United Colors of Benetton.
I have to say I couldn`t resist a peek into Desiguel. 
Also lovely jewellery shops .... I treated myself to some turquoise earrings. 
But the biggest surprise was the charming beach front, lined with vibrant themed bars, surf-related sports shops and delightful restaurants with engaging waiters drawing us in.
To our left .... the sea, bordered with volcanic rock, the sands drifted with seaweed ...
... sand artists (can they really earn a living?) ...
... and expanses of white sand.
Well we did get drawn into La Playita ....
... mainly by the charming frontman who drew our attention to the
woderful fresh fish display.
The red ones are deep sea fish hence the big eyes.

 We were very glad to have got there early. As we were seated and ordering, the place gradually filled up until every place was taken.
It was very popular.
I loved the decor .... black tablecloths, a striking runner and velvet
Tall patio heaters completed the look.
There were attentive, friendly waiters.
I had seabass with a creamy white wine and prawn sauce.
It was delicious.
Paula and Steve chose a paella to share .... the waiter served it with panache.

No room for naughty puds but we did get a rum digestif taken through a thick cream layer using a straw.
I highly recommend this restaurant but suggest you get there early.
It is just below the Music Square, right by the beach.
We wandered out to the harbour wall to find a bright moon reflected in the sea, then up into the Music Square to hear the live band playing.
An unforgettable evening.