Friday, 18 October 2013

Harvest Hymn for Children

Michaelmas Daisies purple in the border,

Big fat leeks all standing up in order,

Whiskered barley talking in the breeze,

Low hung boughs of laden apple trees,

Chugging engines ready for the reaping

Pounds of chutney labelled for the keeping,

Giant marrows winning every prize,

Bubbling jars of elderberry wine.

Stocky-built trawlers landing with their catches,

Berries gathered, never mind the scratches,

Warm and hazy Indian summer days,
Swallows leaving for another place,

Fruits are bottled, others in the deep freeze,

Silken poppies blushing in the cornfields,

“Don’t bring muddy boots into the hall”,

Golden onions hanging on the wall.

Well I didn`t quite make it with the photos for each line but not a bad effort.
This is one of the songs I taught the children for their harvest festival. 
It resonates quite strongly for me as each line conjures up a memory.


  1. I haven`t taught this song in a long time as it`s quite wordy but I`m glad I persevered.
    Glad you like it. It took a long time to sort the photos.