Friday, 29 July 2016

Blackcurrant Bonanza

So much to do and only enough time to harvest and water!

 Cucumbers romping away.

The disappearing path.
 Melons doing their thing.

 Goodness knows where this came from but I love it.

The biggest tomato yet.
 A self-seeded sunflower.

We need some quality time at Freshwinds to get to grips with ALL the jobs I am seeing each time I visit......cutting back, weeding that never-ending long path, dead-heading, new chippings to spread, raspberries to prune etc etc etc.

The tattiest butterfly I`ve ever seen.

Plenty to harvest.

Cabbages to plant....looking a bit sorry for themselves.

Yet another pruning needed for the willow arch but Anne can make more wands with the cuttings.

 Crocosmia, inula, borage.

Some disasters.... should have been planted a bit sooner.
We inherited them.

And the blackcurrants....... half an hour to pick, bringing back happy memories of the days we spent the first part of our summer holidays picking them for local farmers 
and earning our holiday money.
Paula has spent a busy time making jam to go in the camping welcome packs.
So far we`ve had 15 lbs and there are still more to go.
She has cleaned me right out of jam jars.

Happy days.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Fairy Story

I hope these pictures tell their own story.

Just one thing to add.....I think Anne may be taking up a different job now.