Wednesday, 20 February 2013

INDIA here we come!

We are all packed and ready for India. I`m nervous and excited all mixed up together. Can`t wait to get into the markets. I`ve even borrowed a larger suitcase from my sister-in-law, Julia, to be able to bring fabrics etc. home. Purchased a new Janone sewing machine yesterday, so I can experiment with that and all my new materials when I get back. There might be a distinctive Indian theme to my crafts this summer.
Good job I went through all my stashes. Now there will be room for all the new stuff. Ha ha!
No posts for 2 weeks but there will be plenty in March. 

Friday, 15 February 2013

Lane Closure and New Rhubarb

If feels like an age since I have had my hands in soil. We are looking forward to getting started but we`re holding back for two reasons: the first being the amount of rain and second the fact that we are off on holiday next week. We are going to India.
We had to walk to the plot on Tuesday as the lane was closed for kerbing. Kerbing is unusual in country lanes but a vehicle passing place is eating into the bank. I have felt sorry for the workmen as the weather has been raw with cold. It only takes ten minutes to walk to the farm but it wouldn`t be a good idea when we are loaded with tools etc.

In the garden, we had a good look round and collected some leeks. The cows poked their heads through the hole in the barn to see who was around.
The rhubarb has just started showing. It should do well as its the second year now.

The pond is as clear as a bell but a small patch of blanket weed has survived the cold. I will fish it out later.

In the Wool Barn the new shower cubicles are looking good.

We walked round to the stables and found the orphan lamb, Ivy and she has really 
grown since we planted the willow beds. She seemed pleased to see us.

Next we found the pigs in their new home. I couldn`t believe how big they were.

 At home Steve has been making log carriers. This one is ours. It is custom-built for our grate and holds about 8 to 10 split logs neatly, by the fireplace. It is also useful for carrying from the logstore outside.

I have completed up-cycling some embroidery by my Mum. I`ve used patchwork 
and sewn extra flowers to the background to make a cushion cover.

My most time-consuming job at the moment is transferring all our family videos onto DVD`s. It is taking so long but will be worth it, to preserve all the filming we`ve done since 1985. 
I am on my 27th.DVD.....that`s half way.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Primroses and Up-cycling

We found a wet, soggy garden on Saturday but at least the sun was out. It was still bitterly cold.
The ground positively squelches underfoot as we walk around. The pond is very full. The moles have been busy. It`s a wonder they don`t drown in their runs.

 We didn`t stay that long...enough to get some vegetables......and for me to do a bit of weeding and clearing in the herb garden. I did take out a lot of mint roots but had to bring them home for the green bin. It wouldn`t do to put them on the compost heaps.
The lupins are shooting well, along with other hardy perenniels such as Michaelmus daisy.
I love the way dewdrops sit in the centre of the lupin leaves (no photos of that this time round.)


There are still leeks in the raised bed. The soil I dug over in the autumn is breaking down nicely into a fine friable tilth ready for the planting.
I am excited about getting started but it`s all on hold as we are off on a holiday 
at the end of February  (more later.)

In the lane, the first primroses are bravely facing the cold.

At home I continue to de-clutter and have got well into up-cycling. So far I have turned an old tapetry
into a cushion. I embroidered it years ago and it took quite a while. I cut the circle from the canvas and made my own bias strip, then I sewed it to blue velvet. We will use it in the garden room.

My next project is to up-cycle an embroidery done by my own Mum. It will have patchwork borders added. I have chosen swatches of matching floral fabric (photos later.)

My loft is now ordered and spick and span. The rooms where I keep my other craft materials are also sorted and I have re-aquainted myself with everything I own. It is a tremendous amount. 
I have been inspired with all sorts of ideas but most especially with up-cycling. It is most satisfying to give things a new lease of life.