Thursday, 29 December 2016

Patchwork from Stash

Well here we are in between Christmas Day and the New Year. An odd kind of time.
Hope everyone had a good Christmas.
Unfortunately 20 out of 26 of our family were sick over the Christmas period and are only just recovering. Luckily most of us were able to enjoy some or all of Christmas Day.

I needed a quiet easy occupation as I did not feel too energatic.
I hit upon the idea of stash-busting.
My two scrap fabric boxes have been getting a little full.

So what to do and what to make .....that was the question.

First, the patches.
I folded a post-it note in half and used it as a pattern.
It turned out to be a good size.

I went through both boxes using the smallest pieces I could until I had piles of patches.
I then sorted them into rough colour matches..

Next I pinned them together.


After sewing and pressing, I cut the strips right down the middle and sewed together again with opposite ends therefore placing different patterns side by side.

 Each patch is about 2 centimetres square.

To start the ball rolling I made lavender hearts....a bit long-winded....and I wasn`t too happy with the final product.

Next I tried lavender cushions also long-winded due to having to sew the bias strip partly by hand.
They are OKish.

The two huge pieces may become dolls` blankets.

The only trouble is that the two boxes of scrap fabric don`t look that much different.
I feel a bit of bunting making coming on.
Any other ideas gratefully received.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

December Musings

Christmas is nearly upon us. And still so much to do.
I have not completed the wrapping of presents and the house still needs some preparation 
before our visitors.
Most of my present making is done, including 16 tiny Christmas cakes.
I have completed 8 little penguins for the table decorations.

The names are embroidered on the front.

I have made several fairies......

.......and some beanie hats for all the little boys in our family.

I`ve also tried a smaller crochet fox. I am pleased with it but I cannot follow any crochet pattern where you use two colours at once so I have to adapt. I can manage knitting with as many as 3 colours but crochet continues to evade me.

The sun shone today so it was a good opportunity to look at the garden and greenhouse.

The first camellias are in bloom.

The mahonia is looking lovely but will soon be devastated by bluetits.

The dahlia tubers are warm and dry.

The cuttings will need potting up in January.

One single rose for Christmas.

And the promise of things to come.

Merry Christmas to everyone who reads my blog.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Freshwinds Celebrations

18th December was a bright beautiful morning.

On our way to the garden, we saw literally hundreds of brightly clad runners on the 
Christmas Pudding Run. What a sight.

Here they are running along the fairy trail
The running group had been let down by two venues, one at the last minute.
Tim and Anne stepped in.
As well as organizing the Carols in the Barn, they also set up the course and helped with marshaling.
Later as we worked in the garden, Anne cam back up in her santa outfit to decorate the Christmas tree in the barn. It was very pretty.

In the evening Steve and I walked to the farm which seems to have become our own tradition.

As we approached the barn, the horses were at their stable doors to greet us.

The barn itself, looked very festive and up above, the usual presence of orbs.

Inside was cosy, with straw bales set out as seating, a pen of sheep, cows on either side and the two donkeys ready for their part in the proceedings. We met up with my brother and little Frazer.

Wendy very ably led the singing and this year, without the keyboard player....bad thumb.
We sang a range of carols and Christmas songs. Several children were dressed up for the simple nativity and the donkeys played their part to perfection.

At half-time, mince pies and mulled wine were served.

Outside a firepit had been lit which was most welcome.

Father Christmas came 
and gave out sweets.

We gave the two donkeys an apple each.

More carols were sung, after Tim thanked everyone for coming, and told us stories of the people who benefit from Farm Africa.

A lovely evening once again.
Many thanks Tim and Anne.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Foxes, Toadstools and Mittens

I have enjoyed a great year of crafting and it`s not over yet. By that I mean, there are lots more exciting things to try, and all before Christmas.
It`s coming up to my annual review of my craft resources which usually involves some kind of reshuffling, as well as reminding myself exactly what I`ve got.
Recently I had a stall at the village craft fair.
It was a great day with friends, family and villagers dropping in all the time. And I sold quite a lot.


There seems to be a bit of a foxy theme for this winter so far. I made this pattern up as I went along, hence each fox is different. 

This fox took slightly longer to make but I think he`s quite cute.

I made a lot of toadstools whilst on holiday.
They were popular at the craft fair.

I was asked to make these polar bears by my niece-in-law.

They are embroidered in silver.
This pattern was made using ideas from Pinterest.

Recently I made some fingerless mittens for a friend, Roger. He belongs to a walking group called the Auld Phartz.
When the group saw his mittens they decided they wanted them to be part of the group`s winter uniform, so I found myself making 6 more pairs. I have asked for a photo.

The latest teddy bears. I love the wool that changes
colour as you knit.

Other recent makes....

......and finally
Fletcher my nephew in his beanie hat.