Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Easter News

Here comes Easter.
Wish we could get some spring-like weather though.
We are still having cosy fires in the lighter evenings.

The latest tale from the greenhouse is this ....
In the week I checked on the seedlings and found a lot had been dug up and nibbled. 
I was a bit upset to say the least.
 I have had to cover all the trays with fleece, well tucked in, or cover pots with old icecream tubs. I also doused cotton wool balls with peppermint essential oil. They are supposed to hate it.
Well, it doesn`t work.

  Imagine my horror when I went to check today, only to find the mouse sitting in the propagator, all but laughing its head off at me.
I might be buying some mousetraps.
At least the stunning camellias cheered me up.

And the daffodils...

And many other plants around the garden.

Indoors I have had fun with Easter makes.

I have been using up my organza scraps to make fairy bunting.

I`ve tried some 1970 style paper poppies.
Back in the day we made these huge poppies and sold them for half a crown each.
 Here is an idea for a toy for little ones which will cause a lot of laughs. I happened to have a basket full of pompoms waiting to be made into something else.
My little nephew Fletcher, loves them. He throws them, collects them, feels the texture and generally has a fun time with them.
He particularly loves it when you tip the whole lot over his head.
With that in mind, I have custom-built one for my great-nephew Henry.
Rainbow coloured wool, flowery buckets.
I can`t wait  to play with him.

A surprisingly simple idea.
A very happy Easter to all my readers.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Beautiful Betancuria

I love beautiful Betancuria.
This is my second visit and it did not disappoint.
We parked on the northern side of the town, where there is a car park with toilets.
From there it is a pretty walk into the town....
.....past fields of potatoes....

..... dotted with palm trees.....

.....with verges spilling over with poached egg marguerite.....
....and enticing hilly vistas.

We walked up one of the surrounding hillsides and down what is becoming my favourite footpath.
The way was dotted with wild flowers, cacti and other succulents.


Clustered on some aloe vera plants and fence posts, 
were groups of whorled snailshells.
On closer inspection, they were very pretty.
We made our way up the familiar streets to the square, where a musician was playing tremelo guitar in a most beguiling way.
It was so memorable to sit eating icecream, 
people-watching, with the music lending to the atmosphere.
There were many people around due to coaches but it just added to the excitement.
We explored the little streets....
 .....the old government buildings.....

 We had lunch in a most picturesque restaurant.
 And wandered back to the car,. admiring 
flora and fauna on the way.

This may not be the last time I visit 
beautiful Betancuria.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Blending into the Background

Our holiday to Fuertaventura, would not be complete without a visit to the hills surrounding Betancuria.
And I had to wait til the last day to do it. 
It wasn`t as windy as the last time we went .... I remember that time, being rather sorry to have worn my summer dress, seeing as most of my flower shots were quite low. A little draughty.
This time I was ready. 
I think I chose my colour palette quite well.
I explored the area around Mirador Morro Velosa.
Absolutely fascinating ..... for not knowing what you would find ..... and also for the novelty of seeing flowering plants.
I haven`t done much about identifying them this time round but I know roughly the family.


This photo does not do this tiny bulb justice. 
It was a startling purple.
Echium and calendula.
This striking lichen reminded me of an exotic sea anemone.

 The other two waited most patiently for me.
 Then it was off to Betancuria.
More in my next blog entry.