Thursday, 27 April 2017

Insect Hotel

There are many jobs I want to get stuck into at the garden, but today we decided to concentrate on the 
Four years ago, Paula and I constructed the first one.
It looked pretty good with its sedum roof (in 2013.)

However, the sheep got into the garden, and trampled the sedum down and it was never the same.
We had decided earlier, to make use of this area for a different 
purpose.....and it was turfed over in early spring.

Now we loved our insect hotel and I was determined to have another one in a different location.
I chose the spot some time ago, between two of the new trees.
This time round, I wanted a much neater look.
I`ve seen so many ideas on Pinterest.

Anne has put up the tiny yurt in the corner of the garden.
The new insect hotel is alongside.

We had 5 half pallets from the previous time.
I wanted a stable base so I placed 3 of the paving slabs in a row.
The pallets went on top in size order.
Two drain pipe pieces placed side by side gave a triangular shape for the roof.
A strip of carpet and old log roll completed the basic "house."
Steve nailed the lot together.

We then proceeded to fill each "floor" with insect friendly materials....
straw wrapped in hessian sacks
cardboard carpet tubes stuffed with straw
broken roof tiling
thin branches
wood slats

I have more ideas for the other spaces.

Next I arranged logs around the hotel and found a great slab for a sign .... in pyrography .... yet to come.
Overall we were quite pleased with the result.
It`s just a shame we can`t have a living roof.
Maybe in the future.

Steve did a lot of shovelling.

Tim brought us a load of manure close to the garden.

My final job was decorating the gateposts with horseshoes.

Placed to catch all the luck going.
Great morning.


  1. Great insect hotel! They're so pleasing to see

  2. I`ve added more to it today. Blog entry coming up. in a moment